Welcome to HighStreetPop!!

Quality is Our Way of Life

Your personal shopping store for Premium accessoriesūüėé. Products sourced only from Eco-friendly and Sustainable materials.

Our aim is to blend modern design with a dose of history to make a cool and unique product which stands out in the market.Keeping in line with our motto, we only sell products with history attached to it.

Be it our wooden sunglasses from Loch which are made of 500 year old wood obtained from deep depths of Indian River or Hand bags made of leather having 40 year rich history, we take pride in our products. 

We work constantly to find and curate high quality products from all over the continent and offer to our customers at very best prices.

We are concerned about our Environment and will sell only environment friendly products. As part of this goal, we select only handmade/handcrafted products which are sourced and made from Eco-friendly and Sustainable materials.  

We live and breathe quality and offer most reputed brands with highest quality to our customers. All our products are authentic and genuine and directly sourced from authorised suppliers and in most cases manufacturers themselves.

Personally Hand Curated Products

At highstreetpop, we strive for Quality and it is our way of Life. In order to offer the best breed of products, we personally hand curate products and select them after running through a rigorous selection process.
We are our Store's customers and understand how customers feel after buying product as we follow a unique approach of using product before selling it.

Our unique selection process
‚úÖVetting our brands and suppliers through industry standard checklist.
✅Spending hundreds of dollars in buying & evaluating products.
✅Personally using the products ourselves for 30-45 days to quality check the product.
‚úÖEvaluate each and every product and make sure it ticks all the boxes in our quality assurance.
✅Offer to Our Customers  If the products satisfies our quality selection criteria.
‚úÖEnsure only best of the best products make it to our customers.

We built our brand on five pillars

  • Customer is Always Right - For us No Matter what, customer is always right and we make sure to fulfil all our customer's needs and request without any questions.
  • Authenticity - Offering only authentic and genuine products and zero tolerance to look a like or fake products. We screen suppliers with utmost care to ensure product authenticity.
  • Great Customer Service - Always¬†offering great customer service at every point in the customer journey. Be it checking out the product and purchasing, Delivery or Returns, we want to make sure our customers are happy and delighted with purchase. In case of any problems, we make returns process a breeze.
  • Integrity -¬†We¬†are¬†honest with our customers upfront and want to assure our customers, we stick by our word and deliver what is promised on website. Be it pricing or delivery, we do exactly what we have promised.
  • Environment Friendly -¬† All the Products we sell are sourced and made from Eco-friendly Acetate and Sustainable wooden materials. We want less harm to environment and do our small part not to impact it.


Please Write to us if you would like to send us some feed back or know more about us.We will be delighted to hear from you.